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How UI Challenge Works

Full control or Guided experience

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Prominent Features

Streaks, Feedback, and more

In every challenge email you will receive a link to check-in.

Checking-in will extends your streak. It's a fun way to develop a habit while keep you motivated and engaged with your challenge.

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Our Inspiration for UI Challenge

A Journey of Creativity and Growth

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Learn By Doing

Dive into the world of design with hands-on experience. Our challenges provide practical learning, helping you to grasp design concepts in real-time.

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Build Your Portfolio

Share your work and witness your progress. With each challenge, you're not just learning - you're building a portfolio that showcases your evolving skills and creativity.

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For Every Designer

Whether you're starting your design journey or looking to refine your skills, this is your playground. Experiment, innovate, and push your boundaries.

Features: Now and Next

Here's what makes us unique


365 Unique Challenges

A year of challenges:Crafted to spark your creativity and expand your skills. With more than 365 diverse and engaging tasks, your design journey will always be fresh and exciting.


History of Challenges

Track Your Progress:See how far you've come with a history of completed challenges. Reflect on your growth, revisit past designs, and celebrate your journey every step of the way.


Daily Notifications

Stay On Track:We'll keep you motivated with daily reminders. Never miss a chance to learn and grow. The notifications are designed to make sure you're always engaged with your next design challenge.

Coming Soon

Get Direct Design feedback

Verify & Improve: Get feedback on your submitted designs to learn and understand better. This feature reviews your work, ensuring it follows guidelines and offering insights for improvement.

Coming Soon

Social Sharing

Share and Compete: Make sharing your designs an adventure. Showcase your work with flair, engage with a community of fellow designers, and even partake in friendly competition.

Coming Soon


Join the Ranks: As you complete challenges, climb the leaderboard and gain recognition among your peers. It's not just about competition; it's about inspiring each other to reach new heights in design.