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Following & Subscribing

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In the 'Following & Subscribing' flow, you'll be crafting a high-fidelity mockup that guides users through the process of engaging with content creators by either following or subscribing to their channels or profiles.

The flow should begin with a clear call-to-action (CTA) that invites users to 'follow' or 'subscribe'. Once a user interacts with the CTA, provide immediate feedback such as a change of button state or a confirmation message.

It's crucial that this flow also deals with the subsequent steps: Are there any personalized settings or preferences that the users can choose upon subscribing? How will the confirmation or welcome message be displayed to ensure clarity and a sense of engagement?

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To add a touch of delight, consider incorporating microinteractions that acknowledge the user's subscription. Think of a little animation or a custom icon that blooms, shines, or changes in a subtle, yet satisfying way.

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